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Roles and permissions

Learn about the different roles and permissions in Apostle

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In the Apostle platform we use different roles for the members of your team. Every role comes with their own permissions and how they can use the platform.

The roles

  • Master

  • Ambassador


The master role is the role with the most permissions and has access to all the features in the platform. All the features can be accessed with the web version of the platform ( Typically the person who creates and plans the posts for the ambassadors has the master role.

The master can:

What the master sees (web version)


The ambassador role has more restricted permissions than the master and focuses on sharing the posts suggested by the master.

The ambassadors can:

Important: To share and edit posts you have to use the mobile app or email. It is not possible to share and edit posts in the web version of Apostle.

Tip: the mobile app offers the best experience possible for ambassadors. We strongly advise everybody to install and use our mobile app to start sharing and uploading content. How to get started with the mobile app.

What the ambassador sees (web version)

A brand ambassador can access the web version of Apostle, but will not have access to admin features. They can upload content and change their personal settings here.

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