Creating your content strategy

Learn how to set up your content strategy in the Apostle platform. 

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When you've created a content strategy, it’s time to implement it in Apostle.

  • Go to Strategy in the left sidebar.

  • Create a Topic.

  • Fill in the name of your Topic, for example, Innovation.

  • Select the number of posts you want to share each month about this topic.

  • Choose a hashtag that fits your topic. This hashtag will automatically be placed at the bottom of your social media post. So for example, if your topic is named Recruitment, your hashtag could be #workingatApostle or #vacancy.

  • Select a color for your topic.

  • Choose a parent topic (if necessary). For example, your parent topic could be Recruitment and your topic could be Vacancy.

  • Click Save and your topic is created.

Tip: Your content strategy is automatically transferred to your content planning. So, if you've only posted 2 times about Innovation that month, there will be an open spot for a third post in your content planning. This is to make sure you stick to your content strategy.

Good to know: You first have to create a topic, before you can choose a parent topic. First, create the topic Recruitment, and afterward create the topic Vacancy. Then choose Recruitment as your parent topic.

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