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Can I still edit posts after they've been published?
Can I still edit posts after they've been published?
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In Apostle, you can't directly edit a post that someone else shared. Only the person who initially shared the post has the editing privilege on the respective social media platform.

For instance, let's say your colleague shared a post on LinkedIn, but it has a spelling error. In this case, your colleague needs to follow these steps on LinkedIn to edit the post:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Locate the post you want to edit.

  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post.

  • Select Edit Post.

  • Correct the spelling error.

  • Click on Save to save the changes to the post.

Remember, post editing on social media platforms like LinkedIn can only be done by the original poster, not through Apostle.

Please note: You can only edit it textually. If you want to change the image, you have to delete the post, create a new post and then again share the post.

Important: In Apostle, you do have the option to edit a scheduled post. However, it's important to note that any changes you make will only affect the brand ambassadors who haven't shared the post yet. Once a post has been shared through our app or email, it will remain unaffected by any edits you make.

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