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Sharing posts on business pages via the mobile app
Sharing posts on business pages via the mobile app

Learn how to use Apostle’s mobile app to share posts to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter business accounts.

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In addition to sharing posts on your personal social media accounts, Apostle equips you with the means to share on business accounts too. This article will walk you through the process of sharing posts on corporate accounts using Apostle's mobile app.

If you haven't downloaded Apostle's mobile app yet, simply search for and download Apostle Connect from the Android or iOS app store to get started.

Before you start

In order to share, your Social Master needs to schedule a post for you. Use the Apostle app to easily share on your corporate LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.

Important: In order to share the suggested posts, you need to connect your corporate accounts first. Under no circumstances will we gain access to your business account. The connection is made to enable you to post through our mobile app.

Share a post on your corporate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram account

  • Open the Apostle App and login.

  • New page post suggestions are shown in your Inbox. A push notification is sent once a new post suggestion is ready in your inbox.

  • When it comes to scheduled corporate posts, you have three choices: Accept, Edit, or Delete. If you wish to proceed with sharing the post, simply select Accept, and it will be immediately shared on your corporate account.

Please note: As soon as your Social Master schedules a suggested post, you will receive a notification right away, even if the post is scheduled for the future. This means that not all posts will be shared on social media platforms immediately. To know the exact share date and time, check the top left corner of the suggested post.

  • If you choose to select Edit, you can make textual changes to the post on the following screen. Afterward, simply click Save and then Accept to share the edited post on your corporate account.

  • If you dislike the post, click Delete. Confirm that you want to delete the post on the next screen by pushing the Delete button again. The post will now be deleted from your mobile app.

Please note: In the top right corner, you will see the platform icon indicating the suggested post's intended platform. If you wish to share the post on all platforms, you must individually accept the posts from the mobile app's inbox. This applies to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram posts in the same manner.

Share a post on your corporate Twitter account

Important: Twitter has taken drastic measures since Elon Musk's acquisition. Unfortunately, third parties like us are affected by changes within Twitter. As a result, it’s temporarily impossible to connect Twitter pages to our system and share posts to your corporate Twitter accounts. We expect this to be a temporary issue and will update this article as soon as connecting (and sharing) on Twitter is possible again.

Please note: you can still use existing connections. Only new connections and reconnects are currently blocked from Twitter.

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