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Social network permissions

Learn which permissions Apostle needs for sharing to LinkedIn, Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.

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To enable sharing on both personal and business accounts, Apostle requires specific permissions for your accounts. These permissions are essential to facilitate sharing from our system to your accounts. Depending on whether you are connecting a business page or personal account, the permissions needed per platform may vary.

Important: We want to emphasize that under no circumstances do we gain full access to your accounts. Our sole purpose is to utilize these permissions to connect your account to our platform and enable seamless sharing. We will never share any posts without your explicit approval. Your account security and privacy are of utmost importance to us. At all times, you can delete our business integration from your account.

LinkedIn Personal Page

To connect LinkedIn personal pages, we need the following permissions. We want to emphasize that no posts will be shared without your explicit approval. Rest assured, Apostle will never modify or delete your posts or comments. These permissions are essential as mandated by LinkedIn and come as a single package. We will only utilize the necessary permissions, ensuring the utmost respect for your data and privacy.

Facebook and Instagram Personal Page

There is no direct connection needed between personal Facebook and Instagram accounts and Apostle. Sharing to these personal accounts works through the mobile apps of Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Business page

To connect LinkedIn business pages, we require the following permissions. Please be aware that while we do not utilize advertising account permissions, they are mandated by LinkedIn, as they are part of a single package that needs to be allowed. Rest assured, we only access the necessary permissions to facilitate the connection and do not utilize any advertising account data.

Facebook Business Page

To connect Facebook business pages, we require the following permissions.

Instagram Business Page

To connect Instagram business pages, we require the following permissions. Please note that Instagram pages are always connected through Facebook and require similar permissions.

X (Twitter) Business Page

It’s temporarily not possible to connect X (Twitter) business pages to Apostle.

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