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Importing and bulk updating your team members
Importing and bulk updating your team members

Learn how to import and update multiple team members at once

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Importing (or adding) multiple members can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Copy and paste emails

  2. Use an Excel file

Bulk updating (editing) members can only be done by uploading an excel file.

Tip: Bulk updating members is especially useful for adding or editing parameters and groups to members. Learn how to set up parameters and groups

Important: Please use the example file provided to upload your list of members correctly. Make sure the parameters correspond with the example file before uploading.

How to import (add) multiple team members

  • Navigate to Members in the navigation bar

  • Click on + Add membership

  • Click on Add multiple users at once

  • Choose the option you would like to use: β€˜Copy and paste emails’ or β€˜Use an Excel file’

Copy and paste emails

  • Select the role for the new members: master or ambassador

  • (Optional) Add them to one or more groups

  • Paste the email addresses, separated by commas

Use an excel file

  • Click on: Download XLSX template file

  • Fill in the columns in the template Excel file

  • Save the file

Upload the Excel file with the Click here button

Important: After uploading the Excel file, newly added members will directly get an invite mail to join the Apostle platform.

How to update (edit) multiple team members

  • Navigate to Members

  • Click on the upload symbol

  • Download the example file

  • Edit the file (do NOT add new columns)

  • Upload the edited file

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