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Duplicate scheduled posts in the post and planning overview
Duplicate scheduled posts in the post and planning overview

Learn how to duplicate, edit and schedule a post in the post and planning overview.

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At times, you may find it beneficial to reuse a previously scheduled or published post, for example, when promoting an event. Rather than starting from scratch, you can leverage a pre-existing scheduled or published post.

  • Go to Post & Planning in the left sidebar. You’ll find a summary of all your scheduled posts.

  • Hover over the post you want to duplicate.

  • Select the Copy icon.

  • A draft copy of the selected post now appears at the top of the Post & Planning overview.

  • Click on the Edit icon to edit and plan your post.

  • Now, the Composer will open up, allowing you to bring all sorts of changes to the post if needed. You can now finish the post by Choosing Channels and setting your timeframe.

  • Click Plan this post in the final step to schedule the post.

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