Using variations (and AI)

Learn how to use variations and our Artificial Intelligence variation copywriter.

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Employees often have similar networks. To prevent them all from sharing the same post, we made it possible to create variations of one post.

  • Navigate to Create post and create your first Variant.

  • Click on Add variation. Three options will appear:

    • Duplicate the post and create variations manually.

    • Translate the post with the Google Translate engine. (Always check your posts after translating.)

    • Let our Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically rewrite the same post in different words! 😱 Select Variations with AI. Choose your preferred number of variations, choose the language of your variations and then generate your newly written posts. We recommend checking them before sending them to your team.

  • After finishing your post, click Proceed to start Choosing your channels.

  • In the channel selection screen, you can select different brand ambassadors, groups, or even people linked to specific topics for each variation. Make sure you select at least one person for each variation, then schedule your post in the Send screen.

Tip: If you want your variations to be randomly scheduled among your team members, click on Random and select all brand ambassadors you want. Apostle will mix up your variations among the people you have selected.

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