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Release notes Apostle 3-4-2020 (English)

With this build, the following features/enhancements/bugfixes have been resolved:
  • Suggest a message for non-users based on their e-mail address, including administration of these 'members'
  • Native share a post through web based upon browser support
  • Add a reconnect route, which was missing, but was used in the reconnect e-mails
  • The autocomplete for the subject in the composer has been updated
  • The imagecropper has been re-enabled
  • Users are created and made member only when the setup has been finished, instead of immediately
  • Multiple optimizations for performance between the tool and the API
  • Search for a page in the composer based on the username it is attached to
  • Add 'Are you sure?' prompt before removing a page post in a subject detail
  • Add Instagram and Twitter to the setup for pages
  • [GotU] Added StoreID label to the setup
  • Update logic for setting the time for a page post in the composer
  • Password reset screen display was broken on mobile devices
  • Correct LinkedIn preview
  • Return to correct page if connection linking is aborted
  • Password reset screen is always displayed, even if the user is already authenticated