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Release notes 21-7-2020



  • The scheduled at date for a page post is shown.
  • [Android] The launcher icon was shown incorrectly on some devices.


  • On rare occasions, shares to LinkedIn would be registered twice. We’ve identified when this would happen and fixed it.



  • Better reliability and stability for data retrieval. We’ve noticed our service offered a degraded experience when teams got bigger and the amount of data would grow. We’ve gone back to the drawing board and started building data retrieval from the ground up. The data is now received faster, but also the search and filtering has made an improvement.


  • We’ve updated the password reset screen as some logic was seemingly missing. The check for both passwords is now expanded and you will now be informed when the link is no longer valid, as it has a single use purpose.
  • We’ve added some extra figures to the insights
  • We’ve added logic for showing groups in the user tables. Some teams use multiple groups on a single user, therefore some groups would not be visible. We’ve now created an extra label which tells you how many more groups they have (3 are visible) and you can hover that number for the additional groups.
  • We’ve made the dashboard view responsive as some users would be redirected here and it was not mobile optimized. You are still encouraged to use a desktop web browser though.
  • Updated validations in the composer
  • Updated the implementation of sharing a suggestion for an ambassador to Facebook. We’ve now used a more universally method.
  • We’ve made it possible in subjects at the page post view to select multiple messages, which can be removed easily and conveniently.
  • Textual improvements


We’ve fixed a bug where a user opened a review link to a page post on their mobile device and the message was too long, it would break the options to accept or reject.