Release notes

Stay updated on the latest releases, features and bugfixes in Apostle

Last updated  - 28-04-2021


New features

  • NEW - System Notifications
    New features, product updates and scheduled maintenances will be announced in the Apostle platform from now on. Please consult the gift icon in the navigation bar to see new messages for the platform.
  • NEW - Auto translate posts after scheduling

    Social Masters are now able to translate a post directly after publishing it from the composer. The translated text will be automatically copied to a new variation in the composer. Select ‘Make a new variation’ after creating a post and select the language of your preference. Please make sure to check translations as the feature is powered by an AI-powered translator.


  • Content Strategy: We made a number of improvements involving the content strategy:
    • You can now select users in the composer based on the selected theme.
    • The insights now indicate the progress of your content strategy KPI’s.
    • The content strategy list will now include the number of users attached to a specific theme.
    • When using messages as a template, the themes will also be copied to the composer.

Minor fixes

  • LinkedIn Vimeo videos will now be shared correctly.
  • Auto approve settings by members will be included in the export of the insights.
  • If a message has been deleted by an admin after the user has received an email, a new notification will be shown in their browser indicating the deleted post.
  • If a page connection is broken, it will now show in the pages list for teams and in the composer. Users will automatically receive a notification if their page connection is broken. If they don’t reconnect right away, send them a manual re-connection mail from the team management overview.


  • We fixed a number of small bugs, which would only occur in specific scenarios, not affecting all users.