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How to connect an Instagram page and share posts

Learn how to connect your corporate Instagram page and how to share posts from our mobile application.

Different ways to connect

There are two different ways to connect your corporate pages: in the mobile app or in the desktop version of Apostle. 

Mobile app

  • Open the mobile app and click the Settings menu on the top right.
  • Select the I manage a company page button.

  • Choose the Instagram and follow the steps below. 


  • Login to your own team.
  • Head to the Profile page on the top right.
  • Select My pages
  • Select Add and choose the platform of your choice.

  • Choose Instagram and follow the steps below.

Connect Instagram

Important: Instagram does not allow a direct connection between Apostle and your company page so we cannot connect and post directly on Instagram. Please read our workaround below to learn how to connect and share posts to your corporate Instagram page. 

If you select Connect Instagram, Apostle creates a ‘dummy’ connection and therefore your Instagram is shown with your own name instead of your company’s name. This is due to technical reasons and is not a fault in the system. This also does not mean your personal Instagram account is connected. Please take the following steps to create your connection:

  • Click on Connect Instagram.
  • You will be briefly redirected to another page, and the dummy connection on Apostle is made. Please note that you can only share to Instagram by using our Mobile App. 

  • That’s it! Your connection is now made. 

How to share to your Instagram page

Sharing to Instagram works a little bit different than our other platforms. Before you start make sure you have done the following:

  • Make sure you have connected the Instagram account as explained in the previous part of this article.
  • Make sure you have installed the Instagram app on your mobile phone.
  • Make sure your Social Master has scheduled a new post for you to share on Instagram.

If you have completed all necessary actions, follow these steps to share your post to your corporate Instagram page:

  • Open the Instagram app and switch to your company page within Instagram.
  • Open the Apostle app and select Share on your latest scheduled post for Instagram.
  • A new message will prompt stating that your post will be automatically copied. You'll need this copy in the final step of this process. Select OK.
  • Your Instagram app will open and you can choose to share your post to your Stories, Feed or Direct messaging. Select Feed here. (You can use the other options to your own preference).
  • Crop your photo or video and select the filters of your preference, as you would normally do in Instagram.
  • You'll now enter the final sharing screen. You'll notice that the image or video is shown but there is no text in the text box. Please paste the copied text from step three here and the post will be completed. You can now share the post to your own feed.

Video instruction

Share on Instagram